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I am working on a lot of multifaceted challenges in IT infrastructure, app development, and our in-house services. It’s amazing, I really found the company where I can do stuff I really want to do.

Senior System Engineering Manager in IT Construction and Operations

IT System

& System

We are IT infrastructure engineers and app & system developers working in teams. The teams for IT infrastructure are responsible for designing and structuring network services. The app & system development teams work on the construction and development of APC’s in-house products.

It's not only about technical competence, you know. Become a ‘multi-engineer’! With the training and experience you get from working with us, you'll handle every situation with ease - whatever obstacle stands in your way.

Junior System Engineer in Customer Management, IT Design and Construction

Step up to the Plate.

We offer a great range of career plans and opportunities. Whether you are an engineer or an IT consultant, you will be able to adopt highly-specialized skills. We would be happy to offer you an appropriate working environment to fulfill your career plans.


Growing & Imagining, Together.

We believe in career support by holding training programmes and organizing meet-up-events ourselves. Nourishing talented people and supporting their growth is important to us.

AP Academy

Training Programmes

AP Academy provides more than 160 different training programmes. The Academy offers not only IT-related programmes, but it covers project/business management trainings as well. The programmes are structured into different levels from which you can choose the courses most suitable to you. Yet, the training programmes focus primarily on applied uses.

8a1 APC workshop

APC 8a1 study session takes place once to twice a week. The academy invites an external lecturer at each session which are open to the public. We think that it is a great opportunity to meet up with people in similar professional fields and to share your knowledge with like-minded people / colleagues.

And, Enjoy Yourself!

If you want to get away from your daily tasks we offer a lot of creative workshops, sports and wellness activities and networking events.


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