About BPO services

About BPO services

BPO Service

  • What are the BPO services we are thinking about?

    An “outsourcing service” where our staff are stationed at the client’s company to undertake the customers business tasks. *

    We will align our vectors with the client company, and strive to always provide the very best outsourcing service, without compromising quality.
    Moreover, the motto for our stationed staff is to “always be thinking about” what is necessary to further improve the client’s workflow and “make suggestions when you come up with something!”.

    * Depending on the client’s needs and structure, we can also accommodate specific dispatching of our employees.

  • Our strengths

    A total of 248* of our company staff (184 staff, 64 partners) with specialist knowledge, managed by project managers at various sites, will build a team to support you. (* As of July 2013).
    In addition, we have developed an extensive backup system to support our employees.

  • Scope of services we can provide and supporting engineers

    Our company has a total of 248* (184 staff, 64 partners) engineer/operators that can be stationed at your company.
    (* As of July 2013)

    Occupation No. of employees * No. of partners Total
    NW 140 57 197
    Operation and maintenance operator 25 7 32
    Service Manager 17 17
    Construction / operation SE 57 24 81
    Pre-Sales 2 2
    Requirement definition, design, building SE 30 4 34
    Customer engineers 1 1
    Business management 1 1
    Base station deployment 7 22 29
    SV 40 6 46
    Operation and maintenance operator 6 6
    Service Manager 4 4
    Construction / operation SE 23 6 29
    Requirement definition, design, building SE 7 7
    AP 4 1 5
    R&D 4 1 5
    Total 184 64 248

    * NW: Network Engineer, SV: Server Engineer, AP: Application
    * No. of employees includes both full-time and contract employees

  • We are providing organizational support on site at major IT enterprises.

    Enterprise Service / System Support Phase No. of years of support
    Major DC business operators DC infrastructure / monitoring systems
    Internet server
    New services
    Planning support, design, construction and operation 2001
    Major system integrators Financial / Public infrastructure Sales support, design, construction and operation 2001
    Major System ISPs ISP backbone network Planning support, design, construction and operation 2001
    Major mobile carriers Mobile Internet infrastructure Design, construction and operation 2004
    Major PHS carriers PHS base stations Construction adjustment / line arrangements 2004
    Major pharmaceutical companies On-site server operation operation 2004
    Major trading companies On-site server operation Global Operations 2006
    Major system integrators R & D Development and evaluation and construction 2007
    Major System ISPs ISP Server / NW operation Design, construction and operation 2009
    Major carriers Public NW construction Global construction 2011
    Major System ISPs Call center Launched call center business 2012