As part of our career training for students, we are conducting a work experience program.

We identify with the principles of NPO “JUKE”, which works to “revolutionize and popularize career training”, and are engaged in providing students with actual work experience. NPO “JUKE”, under the philosophy of “Working to realize a society where as many people as possible can continue to subjectively choose a satisfactory life with their own ‘goals’ and ‘values'” is running job shadowing and career symposia in order to provide opportunities to think about careers.

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<Cooperation with Seiko Gakuin’s Seiko Juku program “Job Shadowing”>
First-year high-school students from Seiko Gakuin visited our comapany and had the chance to experience work at the company. This program is being run at Seiko Gakuin’s Seiko Juku, aimed at students who will soon have to choose between humanities and sciences, and students deciding whether to pursue higher education, and after they have experienced actual work, they share those experiences with the other students. It is being run with the goals of “thinking about work” and “deepening understanding of one’s own values”.

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<Cooperation with work experience for students from Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC)>
Students from Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC) visited our company and experienced what it is like working with us. By experiencing working with us, they where able to grasp “what it is to work at a company” and “what impact work in the IT industry has on society”, etc.,

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We established our library at an elementary school in Phoukhoy, Laos.

In August 2014, as part of our commitment to improving literacy, we established our library in Phoukhoy elementary school in Laos. It is located in the Houn district of Oudomxay Province, in a region over 600km from the capital of Laos, Vientiane. The library is designed to build an environment that is overflowing with words, in order to foster the formation of “Reading habits” in children.
Moreover, this activity is something that AP Communications is supporting because we identify with Room to Read Japan’s belief that “the education of children can change the world”.

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We are conducting lectures for children, in order for their dreams for the future to come true.

We are cooperating with authorized NPO “key person 21”, which has developed the “dream discovery program” career education for the children and is running it at the schools, and we are conducting lectures for the children, conveying to them what they should do now in order for their dreams for the future to come true. “Key person 21” is running programs for targeting 20,000 children, together with individuals, companies (CSR), and other organizations across Japan. With regard to the futures of the children, through opportunities to come into contact with adults working in a variety of industries, we offering them a great opportunity to come to know that such professions and such adults exist and to think about their futures.

<“How far can we create the future” March 20, 2013>
Our company President, Mr. Takeshi Uchida gave a lecture at Minato Koryo Junior High School. His message to the children was that he wanted them to have a broad perspective, be full of hope, and live out the rest of their lives with their own determination.

<The Most important thing in life is to live life to the fullest, right now “November 8, 2013”>
One of our executive officers, Mr. Koji Nagae, gave a lecture at Shibuya Yoyogi junior high school. He left the children with messages about “the importance of continuing to learn, even now, and after becoming an adult” and how they must “live life to the fullest, so that there are no regrets”.

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We are participating in “Get in touch”, which aims to realize a symbiotic society in which a full and rich life can be lead, through creative, expressive activities.

With the aim of “having everyone know about the disorder called autism”, “Get in touch” had been engaging in enlightenment activities, calling on people to “please correctly understand the disorder” and “please lend us your support”; however, now, they go about their activities, with the desire to take full advantage of the children’s individuality and enliven the world together with them. Together with the chairwoman of “Get in touch”, Ms. Chizuru Azuma, we have been creating the website and streaming events over USTREAM.

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