CEO Message

CEO Message


We aim for <Quality Control Management No. 1> and
<Challenging new businesses>

We have set <cooperation> <Only One> <challenge> as our basic policies.

Our “Factory Concept” is starting as a “multi-engineer training program” advanced by “development engineers” and “infrastructure engineers” working together on design, construction and operation of IT systems.

<Only One>
Our engineering company, pursues not only increased sales and revenue, but also fun and enjoyment, and we are starting our “Only One policy” in order to become number one.

We have started our in-house service development business, and started our first overseas business.
Thanks to our clients, we have consistently been able to increase our sales.
Thanks to all the customers and employees who have supported us.

Now, in order to further evolve <cooperation> <Only One > <challenge>, and take on the challenge of reforming our business structure, we are working on the following priority measures.

<Quality Control Management No. 1>
Everyone, from the President downwards, is working together as one, with the aim of strengthening and ensuring the thoroughness of quality control management of our core ITS business, and have customers recognize that AP Communications is No. 1 among other companies in the same field.
In addition, as a means of implementing these measures, we are reforming our in-house training, and establishing an in-house education system for thorough multi-engineer training.

<Challenging new businesses>
While solidifying and secure foundation, by strengthening the quality control management of our ITS business and establishing and in-house education system for multi-engineer training, we are taking on the challenge of businesses as much as we can.
The new business has two main pillars. As the first pillar, with “If there is a chance, all the departments shall aim to cultivate overseas markets” as the catchword, we will actively take on the of expansion into overseas markets.
As the second pillar, with “starting up our in-house services by our own hands ” as the catchword, we will aim for in-house development of services that will make the people of the world happy, and will continue the expansion of our service development business.

In recent years, the flattening of the world is progressing rapidly, and the way the Japanese SI industry should be is now being questioned.
We will need to create a situation where, in five or ten years from now, not only some global companies, but also many Japanese venture companies and many Japanese people will play an even more active role around the world. And we consider that it is the responsibility of our generation.
The AP Group is responding to changes in the world and developing human resources that can go from place to place all around the world, polishing our human network, and continuing to take on the challenge of expand into the global market as an IT company “from Japan”.
We thank you all for your support in the future.