Quality policy

Quality policy

In order to conduct services that satisfy our customers safely and securely, AP Communications has built a quality management system and strives to continuously improve it. Moreover, we will continue to pass this policy on to all employees, originating from the management layer downwards.

1. The management layer secures the resources necessary to implement, maintain and improve the quality management system, allocate it appropriately, and create an environment in which all employees involved can participate.

2. Members of each department, set targets for quality each year, implement measures to achieve the target, and follow up every month on a regular basis.

3. The management layer regularly conducts management reviews, always verifies the effectiveness of the quality management system in practice, and examines and reviews on an ongoing basis.

Enacted December 1, 2004
Last revised October 1, 2017
AP Communications Co., Ltd.
President Takeshi UCHIDA