Security Measures

Security Measures

    Benefits / Effects of Installation

  • Protect legacy systems

    Even for legacy OS which no longer receive anti-virus software updates, by using whitelist technology, performing application execution control, detecting unknown malware and the operation of unauthorized applications in real time, tampering, etc., can be prevented.

    Security measures that have specifically tailored to virtualized environments

    Without installing antivirus software for each virtual machine, by utilizing the API provided by the hypervisor, it advances the performance and end-point security of the virtual machine.

    Anti-malware measures to counter Web 2.0 threats

    Gateway defense can be achieved for a web environment exposed to the threat of virus infection and leaking of data, through URL filter, anti-malware, anti-virus, SSL scanner, and caching proxy server functions.

    Centralized management with an integrated management system

    Based on the anti-virus policy determined by the administrator, we integrate each McAfee product that exists in the entire network, to centrally manage as an anti-virus solution.

    Tampering detection and protection

    Based on a hard look at operation of tampering detection and modification prevention functions, required by the SOX Act and PCI DSS compliance, we provide a solution for which policy-based management is possible.

    Access auditing for file servers and database servers

    Not only do we accumulate the access audit logs, such as for file servers and DB servers, we realize a solution that takes everything into consideration, from visualization to operation.

    Operation log audit

    It has an audit function for monitoring of PC operation / network traffic, and PC usage restrictions, etc., realizing a comprehensive log auditing solution with all-encompassing log data collection.

    Products handled

  • ・McAfee Application Access Control
    ・McAfee Change Control
    ・McAfee Management for Optimized Virtual Environments(MOVE)
    ・McAfee WebGateway
    ・McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator
    ・AMIYA ALog ConVerter
    ・AMIYA ALog ConVerter for DB
    ・AMIYA ALog ConVerter for Oracle
    ・RUNEXY MylogStar

    Process up to provision of service(s)

    We carry out requirement definition, design, installation and configuration of required parameters for security products offered by McAfee, AMIYA and, RUNEXY.

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