Server Virtualization (private cloud)

Server Virtualization (private cloud)

    Benefits / Effects of Installation

  • Reduction of TCO

    By migrating a physical server to a virtual environment, optimization of the use of system resources, and reducing the number of physical servers, reduction of maintenance costs, space saving, and power saving can be realized.

    Legacy Migration

    By migrating aging systems to a virtual environment, it becomes possible to use existing systems on the latest hardware at low cost.

    System life cycle management

    With system virtualization, by encapsulating the server OS and detaching it from the hardware, it becomes possible to manage the life cycle of the system without being constrained by the life cycle of the hardware.

    Easy evaluation, creation of development environment

    In a system virtualization environment, rapidly creating an evaluation environment from a snapshot of the existing system, and easy preparation of a development environment when building a new system is made possible.

    Products handled

  • ・VMWare vSphere
    ・Citrix XenServer
    ・Microsoft Hyper-V

    Overview of structure


    Process up to provision of service(s)

    We carry out requirement definition, design, hardware setup, software installation and configuration of required parameters for the virtual server environments provided by VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and DataCore products.

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