IT Infrastructure Solutions

IT Infrastructure Solutions

    IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • Asia Pacific Infrastructure Solutions

    Please feel free to consult us about equipment and data center procurement support, carrier selection and local installation in Southeast Asian region, particularly Indonesia. We widely support IT infrastructure installation.
    In addition, we are not limited to just Asia, we have a strong track record in IT infrastructure installation in over 50 countries, including countries in Africa and the Americas.
    * Our Indonesia office “Indonesia REP-Office” is here

  • WAN Consulting / Management Solutions

    From an interview regarding the current WAN configuration and a confirmation of the situation to provision of support for selection of the best carrier / ISP service for the customer, consideration of cost effectiveness, agency in price negotiations and PM for final installation, we provide broad support from the perspective of an independent systems integrator.

    From IP-VPN to InternetVPN, from small-scale to multi-site, we have a strong track record on a nationwide scale. Interweaving best-effort type and guaranteed type, we provide the optimal proposals.

  • IT Document English/Japanese translation solutions

    Our company is also involved in English/Japanese translation work of documents which include IT technical elements, such as in-house training materials for explaining the use of IT systems for companies expanding overseas and various manuals for manufacturers. Our company has many server, network and application engineers, and we carry out documentation from a technical perspective.

    Past track record
    ・English translation work on a certain network appliance manual
    ・English translation work on a certain major company’s in-house webmail usage manual
    ・English translation work on server system design documents aimed at a certain major company and more

    IT infrastructure design / construction / operation services

  • Wireless LAN Managed Services “MSTAR”

    It is a service which provides various wireless access point equipment, design, construction and operational maintenance service as a package. Comprehensively responding to the requests of busy IT administrators, we will realize the introduction and operation of a wireless LAN environment.

  • Free Open Source Log Analyzer ” PALallax”

    PALallax is a free tool that analyzes threat log,abnormal traffic and device status for Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall.

  • IT infrastructure design and construction services

    As an independent infrastructure system integrator, we are not tied to any specific vendor or product, and we can do everything from proposing the optimal infrastructure to installing it, achieving high reliability and cost reduction.
    We have a diverse track record, from IT infrastructure, from the Governmental systems to game companies, to introduction of systems in offices.

    ・ Design and construction of various server/networks
    ・ Low-cost/high-performance load balancers for content providers
    ・ Selection and proposal of next generation firewalls
    ・ Total security proposal installation, from PCs to gateways
    and many other achievements.

  • Advanced MSP Service

    In addition to the operational work for conventional server network infrastructure, we will be fully responsible for outsourcing in advanced areas such as applications and middleware, as well as general outsourcing of work other than IT. We provide the highest performance, reducing the cost and number of man hours for your information systems division and back-office departments.

  • System virtualization

    Products in the system virtualization area, such as server virtualization, application virtualization, client virtualization and storage virtualization, both niche and major, can be combined, and we can propose the best solutions to meet a variety of needs.

    Server Virtualization (private cloud)
    Desktop Virtualization
    Application Virtualization
    Security Measures
    Storage Virtualization
    Virtual Appliances