Business Solutions

  • Android attendance solution (Attendance solution that makes use of NFC)

    It is an attendance management solution aimed at restaurants, where staff can clock in without contact just by touching their device.

  • FAX-OCR ordering system “DIGFAX”

    A solution which can recognize hand-written faxes using automatic recognition technology (OCR) and carry out ordering automatically.

  • Smart POS system

    A POS system that uses iPad/Android, capable of providing a comprehensive solution for point management and shop visit management, etc.

  • High-speed transmission system “Hakobune”

    It is a solution that encrypts and transmits large-sized files at high speed, without the need to worry about firewalls. Data from overseas can also be transmitted securely and at high speed.

  • Paperless solution “PrinPad”

    “The amount of paper printed on has not gone down, even though I purchased a tablet. This application that improves on the usability of paper is the answer to such worries. All you have to do is press the print button, so it can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Data management application capable of unlimited sizing of storage “Fuelune”

    Fuelune is an application that automatically coordinates an object between the local disk and Object Storage.

web services

  • EC site service

    A global EC solution which supports Japanese and English as standard.
    Freely customizable, you can achieve what you want to do to at low cost

  • Video portal service

    Building video sharing sites. Among large scale content distribution systems, it is a service that can transfer files of over 100GB.

Smartphone / tablet

  • Service for watching over elderly persons

    With the watch function, you can check for household noises, and if there is a problem an email is sent to the person watching. It can usually be used as a photo album.

Digital Marketing

  • Persuade advertising app

    The diagnostic app uses an iPhone / Android app to induce customer feelings and draws out potential desire to purchase and is a fully results-based type of advertising.

  • Social tag service

    It is a service that that makes it possible to collect and analyze information from all kinds of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Mixi, just by embedding tags,

IT system development

  • web system development

    We offer UX that can give users a new experience.
    With HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript as the standards, it can be support multiple platforms.
    We can handle a wide range of technologies, such as PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, Python.

  • Core system development

    Wide support, from the construction of core systems using C#, to Windows 8 compatible systems

  • Smartphone / tablet (native application development)

    We can handle Windows 8, iPhone/iPad(iOS) Android native app development.