Benefits / Effects of Installation

  • Fusion of virtualization technology with servers and networks

    Members who make effective use of the virtual environment assets, and possess complete, deep insight into technology for the virtual server to be installed at the company where the system is being introduced and network and security technology, will install the optimal virtual appliance product into the customer’s environment.

    Products handled

  • ・Citrix NetScaler VPX
    ・Citrix Access Gateway VPX
    ・Citrix Branch Repeater VPX
    ・McAfee Email and Web Security Virtual Appliance
    ・McAfee Web Gateway Virtual Appliance
    ・Infoblox vNIOS

    Overview of structure


    Process up to provision of service(s)

    We carry out requirement definition, design, hardware setup, software installation and configuration of required parameters for the virtual appliance products we handle.

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