Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall Professional Services

APC is the first SIer company in Japan
to be certified by Palo Alto Networks


APC has been providing deployment/operation services of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall to many of our customers.

We have been recognized for our technical capabilities and knowledge of firewall by Palo Alto Networks – and we are now a CPSP (Certified Professional Services Provider) – officially certified by Palo Alto Networks as a qualified SIer.

We will strive to improve our service to further enhance customer satisfaction.

About CPSP
(Certified Professional Service Provider)

The CPSP program is a partner certification in which U.S. Palo Alto Networks approves that the partner possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the deployment of next-generation firewall and Panorama, and that the partner has the necessary systems to provide continued technical support to customers.

Are you really making
use of your firewall?

Experienced engineers familiar with firewall
will support you.

Main Service Contents

We provide one-stop service for implementation of infrastructure (including cloud), operation, and system development. In cooperation with Palo Alto Networks, we will achieve higher service quality utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

Professional SI services

Best Practice Design SI Services
We provide end-to-end support from requirements definition to best practice design, operation and maintenance for deployment of PaloAlto Next-Generation Firewall.
  • Requirements definition
  • Design
  • Construction / settings
  • Test
Cloud Migration Services
We provide end-to-end support from current status surveys to operation and maintenance for migration to the cloud.
・On-premise → cloud
· Cloud → Other Cloud
  • Current situation surveys
  • Design
  • Construction / settings
  • Migration
  • Test
Policy Test Agency Services
We use our policy test automation appliance "NeedleWork" to perform policy tests with high quality and in a short time.
  • Test design
  • Test
Certified SE Support Services
We provide high quality SE support by constructing systems using our SEs who have received the training required for certification.
  • Operation and maintenance support

Consulting service

PS Lite
Our PS Group support knowledge about PaloAlto Next-Generation Firewall and technical uncertainty. (Support is a ticket system)
  • Technical support by email and telephone
  • Accompanying proposals for sales, etc. (product explanations, proposal support)
Advanced Advisors
Our PS Group provides assessments and advice for best practice usage of PaloAlto Next-Generation Firewall.
  • Current situation surveys
  • Operational quality assessments
  • Improvement proposals
  • Technical support by email and telephone

Log Analysis Services

Log Analysis Services
We analyze logs of PaloAlto Next-Generation Firewall and propose action plans based on the analysis results.
  • Log analysis
  • Action plan proposals
Large Volume Log Accumulation Support Services (J-SOX Compliance Support)
We deliver log accumulation as required for J-SOX compliance with reduced costs using our log analysis tool "PaLallax".
  • Log accumulation

APC’s Technical Strengths

Introducing our initiatives concerning Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall.