Do a huge number of policy tests without spending a lot of time and effort.

Automates all testing during firewall network construction, improving quality and reducing man-hours

NEEDLEWORK 2022 Interop best of show award FINALIST

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Three Benefits of

1. Reduce man-hours significantly

By automating the test process, can save test time and reduce man-hours significantly.

Works that used to take 10 man-days until now. You can reduce to 1/10

2. Zero human error,
contribute to quality improvement

With NEEDLEWORK, even complex tests can be completed in no time.

Just import verification items(test scenarios) as a CSV file. Can start with one-click. It takes about 0.2 to 1 second per scenario, so even if you need to test a large number of security policies, can complete them in a short time.

PC before test(management console) Can import over thousand scenarios

3. Save the cost and effort of building a test environment.

No longer need to build a complicated test environment.
It will be very simple.

① NEEDLEWORK(Hardware)※1 ② Network devices such as firewalls, routers, and more. ③ Operating PC (Web browser)※2All you have to do is connect these with a UTP cable.There is no need to change the configuration for each policies.

※1 When using VA version, it is a host PC
※2 Hardware version NEEDLEWORK only

Supports redundant configuration

※Supported by using L2 switch

Supports tagged VLAN

NEEDLEWORK supports tagged VLAN. NW devices with multiple segments can also be tested.
(Multiple VLANs can be set on one port.)

NEEDLEWORK Construction image
before and after
  • 1000 policy tests will be finished in a few seconds
  • Human error will be almost zero
  • It is possible to execute tens of thousands of policy tests
  • No complex environment construction
  • Even young engineers can use it to easily

\ 1 NEEDLEWORK is equivalent to 100 engineers. /

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Tests that have been difficult to do
take only a little time & man-hours with NEEDLEWORK.

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