The first installment of the "Aozora Bunko" compilation books has been released by "Ano Publishing".

As a joint project between APC's e-book business "Ano Publishing" and Flying Line Corp., with the theme of "Short works for adults, as chosen by editors who love to read", we have started sales of e-books compiled by Aozora Bunko.
The theme of the first volume is "Women". From among some 12,000 works, 10 have been chosen, including works from Akiko Yosano and Osamu Dazai. Together with works featuring attractive "Women", from pretty women, to women as mothers, women as depicted by men, and fearsome women, the editor's reasons for selecting each work is featured in the book.

There will be pre-sales of this book on "YONDEMILL". Please take this opportunity to enjoy "Ano Publishing's" e-books.