We announce the "8a1" APC Workshops #14 to #17, which will be held in February and March 2015

We announce the "8a1" APC Workshops that will be held in February and March 2015
Persons who wish to learn more or take part, please see the URL below (external site: connpass).

▼February 4 (Wed.) [Hands on] Beginning Unity, building a "3D baseball board game" APC Workshop #14
While showing how to use Unity and explaining the important points, we will show you how Unity is used, and how easily a game can be created, by developing an original "3D baseball board" game.

▼Day 3, in which Heroku, Inc. evangelist, Mr. Aizawa, talks about "Examples and tricks for porting apps" APC Workshop #15
Several products developed by our company are deployed on Heroku, and we share some of the knowledge we have gained through the experience with participants.

▼February 27 (Fri.) "Problem Solving" for PMs APC Workshop #16
In a short time, we will provide you with a "sure-fire thinking framework" enabling you to immediately reveal your thinking habits, such as "I can do it; I understand it," and rectify and improve them.

▼March 13 (Fri.) [Hands on] Beginning Docker - aimed at beginners - APC Workshop #17
As well as a technical overview, you can acquire the basics of Docker through actual case studies and hands-on experience.

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