We announce the "8a1" APC Workshops #8 to #11, which will be held in December 2014

We announce the APC Workshops, to be held in December 2014. The venue for all meetings will be our ECHO offices.
Persons who wish to learn more or take part, please see the URL below (external site: connpass).

▼ December 5 (Fri.) Recommendations for server operation optimization using Jenkins and Ansible APC Workshop #8
Using mainly the continuous integration tool "Jenkins" and configuration management tool "Ansible", we introduce labor-saving methods for server deployment with little effort, spending as little time and money as possible.

▼December 12 (Fri.) Mr. Yamagami from Access' talks about "Gamification and behavior inducement technology" APC Workshop #9
Mr. Yamagami, senior specialist at Access Co., Ltd.'s Marketing Strategy Department, is our lecturer, and he will provide bird's-eye view of the essence of gamification, from an academic perspective, from such viewpoints as "what is a game in the first place?", "what is required to engage people, like a game?" and "why doesn't is succeed in business?"

▼December 17 (Wed.) Looking back over a year as an infrastructure engineer APC Workshop #10
A member of our staff just beginning his second year as a server technician introduces an example of the course of events from entering the industry with no experience to stepping up to design construction process.

▼December 19 (Fri.) Let's capture human posture using a Kinect V2 APC Workshop #11
It's a practical programing course, continuing on for the "Kinect V2 Workshop" held in September 2014.