Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everybody!
2016 has finally arrived.
With 2016 as the "First NeoSIer year", we, APCommunications, are aiming to be a leading company that excites the Japanese SI industry with our activities not just in Japan but worldwide over the next three years (2016 - 2018)!
In 2015 we increased our revenue above the previous peak, and we expect that the profit can be directed to investment in 2016 and beyond.

We are still on the way, but our aim is to be a company where even one extra employee thinks "It’s fun to work at APC! I love my job!!"!

Of course, saying "It’s fun !!" does not mean to feel free with no worries, but rather to struggle, work together, and reach the “true happiness that comes from having tackled work in earnest”.
In other words, to solve difficult problems and work together with colleagues.

2015 was the final preparation year of NeoSIer, and colleagues passionately "tackling work in earnest" could be seen everywhere, making it an even Bigger Year than 2014.

This is solely thanks to all of our trading partners and employees.
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you.

I have thought up a catchphrase for the next three years (2016 - 2018) that I want you all to embrace!

The tagline is "I want to go to work tomorrow!"

Rather than "I have to go to work tomorrow", "I want to go to work tomorrow!"
My aim is to create a company with an atmosphere where all employees think this way.

Also in 2016, combining the strengths of all employees together, I want us to pursue our best, and enjoy ourselves greatly.
I look forward to your continued support this year.

CEO Takeshi Uchida