Our Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

AP communications will take the following measures starting February 25, 2020 in order to prioritize the safety of employees and to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Partial introduction of alternative commuting hours and working from home.

Important note for employees coming to the office.
- Employees with a fever over 37.5 degrees should not come to the office.
- In principle, Employees with symptoms of a cold, such as a cough, and employees who are worried about their health are recommended to stay home.

Suspension of business trips
- Employees will not be allowed to take business trips to certain area.

Response to case employees have close contact with a coronavirus patient
- Employees have to follow the instructions given by medical institution or a public health center.

Response to our company events
- The event which has over million attendees will not be held until this issue is settled.

The period of implementation:February 26 to March 31.
*We will review the situation as it develops and extend or modify the response plan as necessary.

We take the safety of our employees and the prevention of outbreak very seriously, and will continue to swiftly determine our company-wide response plan based on the plan of action in accordance with the outbreak classification made by the government.