Ano Publishing today release the latest e-book by Mr. Ryogen Yasuoka, who is currently appearing on TV Asahi's "Bucchakeji".

The latest e-book from vice priest of Taigakuji temple, Ryogen Yasuoka, who has been appearing on the TV show "Bucchakeji (Hosted by: Bakusho Mondai and now to be broadcast from 19:00 from Monday April 6, 2015 on the TV Asahi Network) since its days as a late-night show, entitled "A conscientious way of life, learning from the ascetic practices of a monk", went on sale today form APC's e-book business "Ano Publishing".
In this e-book, you are introduced to a total of 24 forms of "mini ascetic practice", such as not watching TV, cleaning the floor using only a rag, and living seated in the seiza position (with one's buttocks on one's heels).

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