Ano Publishing's "Ano-chan" LINE stamps are now on sale.

APC's e-book business "Ano Publishing" started sales of Ano Publishing's official character "Ano-chan" from September 2 in the LINE Creator's Stamp.

In addition to phrases associated with the "Ano" in Ano Publishing, such as "Ano ne, kiite (hey, listen)", "Ano-, jitsu wa ne (well, the truth is)", "Ano mise iku? (wanna go to that shop?), and "Ano hi no koto oboeteru? (do you remember that day?), you can enjoy stamps using a tablet device, such as "OK", "Roger" and "Sorry", as well as wide variety of other expressions for a total of 40 Ano-chan stamps that can be used in your day-to-day messaging.
Please make use of Ano-chan stamps in your LINE messaging with family and friends.


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