Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization

    Benefits / Effects of Installation

  • Reuse of legacy clients

    With application virtualization, as it is not dependent on client terminal-side resources, re-use and long-term use of legacy client terminals becomes possible.

    Improved Security

    With application virtualization, by not saving data on the client terminal, information leakage countermeasures and limiting the scale of the impact of a client terminal becoming infected with a virus becomes possible.

    Suppression of application management costs

    With application virtualization, client software deployment tasks that become necessary for the application improvements, etc., only need to be carried out on the server side, thus making it possible to reduce administrative costs.

    Pandemic / telecommuting measures

    When there is an outbreak of a new strain of pandemic influenza, a work environment required for business continuity is provided remotely. In addition, when telecommuting or during business trips, etc., it is possible for each individual worker to seamlessly access their own work environment remotely, and we can achieve improved operational efficiency.

    Improved convenience for terminals used at the bases

    Compared to traditional client / server systems, it is possible to use applications on the client terminal with optimal operation even in narrow-band environments.

    Products handled

  • ・Citrix XenApp

    Overview of structure


    Process up to provision of service(s)

    We carry out requirement definition, design, hardware setup, software installation and configuration of required parameters for the application virtualization products offered by Citrix.

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