Storage Virtualization

Storage Virtualization

    Benefits / Effects of Installation

  • Flexible scalability and high versatility

    By building IA server-based storage, an environment can be realized which, unlike conventional hardware-dependent storage, can flexibly accommodate scaling up or scaling out after the introduction.

    Reduction of downtime through storage

    Even when configured in a cluster system configuration, it often becomes a single point, and it performs synchronous mirroring of the storage at the I/O level, improving fault tolerance and achieving non-stop maintenance.

    Backup and business continuity

    By realizing an environment that is prone to becoming expensive when using conventional hardware-dependent storage for remote data storage or system disaster recovery, using an IA server-based solution, it can be achieved at low cost.

    Products handled

  • ・DataCore SANmelody
    ・DataCore SANSymphony
    ・DataCore SANSymphony-V

    Overview of structure


    Process up to provision of service(s)

    We carry out design, hardware setup, software installation and configuration of required parameters for the virtual storage products and SAN/iSCSI environments offered by DataCore.

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